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vertical form fill seal packaging machine for packing powders and granules in sachets and bags
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MK 201
Semi pneumatic Vertical form fill and seal packaging Machine with adjustable volumetric cup filler for packing free flowing powder and granules in Sachets, Bags, Pouches.


Description:VFFS packaging machine For packing a variety of powders and granular products
The MK-201 is a semi pneumatic vertical form fill and seal packaging (VFFS) machine designed to package granular and free flowing powdered products. This machine uses volumetric cup dosing system to produce center sealed and 3 side sealed pouches / bags.

Adding to its versatility, the 200-PL series can be integrated with most filler for granules, liquids, pastes, sticky powders, snacks and food grains etc.


Free flowing powders, granules, pulses, beans, tea, rice, salt, herbs, spices, grains, tobacco, sugar, detergent powder, agricultural and pharmaceutical powders.

  • Single Phase power supply
  • AC drive for speed adjustment
  • Batch cutting facility
  • Automatic adjustment and correction of Pouch sealing
  • Better pouch finish and sealing with clap type horizontal sealing jaws.

Alternate filling systems: The PL 200 series VFFS packaging machines can be fitted with any one of the following fillers/ dosing systems
  • Volumetric cup (telescopic)
  • volumetric Piston filler
  • Volumetric Paste filling pump
  • Auger filler
Technical Specifications
Filling range 0.5 to 500 gms
output Speed up to 35 PPM
Packaging Material Any heat sealable film, laminated film in roll srock
Bag Size W: 30 to 150mm
  L : 60 to 300 mm
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VFFS Machine - 200 Series
MK-201 with cup filler
MK-202 with liquid filler
MK-203 with paste filler
MK-204 with auger filler
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