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Filling machine for filling pastes, creams and viscous liquds and pastes
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MK 31
Filling Machine with paste pump for filling pastes, creams and viscous liquids and pastes in Sachets, Bags, bottles and containers


Description:For a variety of creams and viscous liquids and pastes products
The semi automatic paste filling machine is most economic solution for filling paste , viscous liquids in preformed sachets, bags, containers, bottles and pouches using piston based paste dosing system. This paste filler machine is ideal for filling pastes, sauces, thick liquids in bags, bottles and containers.


For filing paste and viscous liquids like Tomato Paste, Garlic Paste, Ginger Paste, Onion Paste, Gel, Jam, Ketchup, Fruit Pulp etc. in bottles, containers, preformed pouches / sachets / bags.

  • Robust, compact and easy to maintain
  • Lowest power consumption requires single phase power only
  • Easy to operate hence no need of skilled labor
  • All contact parts of SS food grade
Technical Specifications
Filling range 50ml to 1000 ml
output Speed 8 to 50 fills per minute
Packaging Readymade pouches, sachets bags / any ontainers
Filling System Volumetric paste pump
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