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MK 600 series
High Speed Multi Lane sachet packaging machine with option of 4 to 10 sachet lanes for packing powders, liquids and pastes in 4 side sealed sachets.


Description: The MK-600 series is a High speed Multi lane vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machine designed to package free flowing powders / granules, liquids, creams or pastes products. It is used widely for variety of applications ranging from packing liquid, semi liquid (shampoo, oil cream, ketchup) & powder products (Detergent powder, Tea, sugar, salt etc.)
Adding to its versatility, the MK-600 High Speed Multi-Lane sachet packaging machine series can be integrated with most fillers such as slider filler, piston filler and viscous paste filler. The machine produces 4 side sealed sachets and the number of lanes depends on the width of the sachet as the maximum roll width (web width) is 1000mm. The length of the sachet can be varied up to maximum 180mm using the PLC.


Shampoo, liquid detergent, oil, liquor, spirit, salad deressing creams, tomato paste, mayonaisse paste, Free flowing powders, granules, tea, salt, sugar, detergent powder, free flowing agricultural and pharmaceutical powders.

  • A Robust machine with particular consideration for minimum maintenance and ease of adjusting and giving high reliable output
  • All parts with contact with products are in Stainless Steel 304 Food grade
  • Accurate sealing die temperature control and fully controllable die pressure
  • Cut off blades separating sachets from film web housed in horizontal die for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Photo cell print registration
  • Comprehensive push button control panel with cycle counter
  • Front safety guard and door electrically interlocked (Optional)

Integrated filling / dosing options: MK600 High Speed Multi-Lane sachet packaging machine series can be fitted with any one of the following fillers/ dosing systems
  • Slider filler for powders & granules
  • Piston filler for free flowing liquids
  • Paste filler for pastes and viscous products
Technical Specifications
Model MK-601 MK-602 MK-603
Suitable products
Free flowing powders
Free flowing liquids semi viscous products and pastes
Sugar, Salt, ORS powder,
Shampoo, Oil, water, liquor, syrup, liquid det.
Tomato paste, Peanut paste, Jellies, cream, Chocolate paste
Packing limit : 1 gms to 30 gms 1 ml to 40ml 1 gms to 30 gms
Speed : Up to 80 Strokes Per minute Per Track
(Depending on the product & Quantity to be packed in the sachet.)
Bag Shape & Sealing : 4 side sealing, (Different Profiles like Bottle neck, and easy pour etc. can also be made on special request)
No. of Track : Available in 4 to 10 tracks (at 50mm width per sachet)
* No of tracks also depend on width of your sachet
Type of Filling system: Slide Filler Unit
Electronically driven Piston pump
Electronically driven viscous paste filler
Roll (Web) width :  300mm to 1000mm
Roll core dia : 450mm/ 76mm
Max. length of pouch : Up to 180 mm
Film draw mechanism: Options:
a) Servo based
b) Electromagnetic clutch and break
New weight : 2200kgs
Gross weight : 2500kg
Machine dimension : 2100x1350x1900mm
Other * also available with jacketed hopper as per product requirement
Optional Extras:
  • Out-feed Conveyor
  • Tear-cut or V-Notch Device¬†
  • Vertical perforation
  • Emboss Coding
  • In-feed inclined screw conveying system with ground level hopper / Silo with level sensor
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Multilane VFFS- 600 Series
MK-600 multilane VFFS machines
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