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Solid & Granular products

Quick refrence to choose the most suitable packaging machines for solid & granular product applications.

packaging machine for breakfast cereal packaging machine for potato chips packaging machine for peanu butter packaging machine for coffee beans packaging machine for dry fruits & nuts packaging machine for fryums
Breakfast cereal   Potato Chips   Pasta Coffee Beans   Dry fruits & Nuts   Fryums
packaging machine for Banana chips   packaging machine for ghee   packaging machine for Whole spices   packaging machine for frozen foods & vegetables        
Banana Chips   Candies - Toffees   Whole Spices   Frozen Food        
Filling range Solid and granular products Suitable Machine with linear and multihead weighing system
10 gms to 500 gms MK-215 (Semi pneumatic with 2/3/4 head linear weigher)
10 gms to 1000 gms MK-405 (Fully pneumatic, collar with 2/3/4 head linear weigher )
10 gms to 1000 gms MK-505 (Fully pneumatic collar with 2/3/4 head linear weigher)
10 gms to 1000 gms MK-506 ( Servo, collar with 10/12 multihead weigher)
100 gms to 3 kgs MK-51 Semi- Automatic filling machine with 1/2/3/ 4 head linear weigher
Packaging Solution
For powders & Granules
For Sticky & Free flowing powders
For liquids & Semi-Viscous liquids
For pastes & creams
For Puffed snacks & Chips
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